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Blue Steel: it’s another word for party. Hire a party photo booth with us today.

Time to party, people! Whatever the bash, we’ll bring the booth and make sure It. Goes. Off. Granny-dear’s 80th? Office Christmas party? Get us on it. We’ll ensure the memories of it are locked down for the rest of time!

Party Options

  • Guest Book

    The Blue Steel guest book? Just sexy shots and personal messages from your guests in one smokin’ coffee table album – all ready to take home with you at the end of the night.

  • HD Video Booth

    Get your guests up in our booth’s grill and we’ll get their messages, dance moves and you-name-it down on celluloid forever. Watch back whenever you want and laugh. Laugh like a hyena, goddamnit!

  • Themes

    Blast your guests into Outer Space, launch them onto the red carpet, take them to the wild, wild west or a lay them on a tropical beach using green screen technology. We do customised photo backdrops to enhance any event, décor or theme. Seriously, the sky is no limit.

  • Props

    Ever wondered what your best mate would look like with an monkey’s head? (“When is s/he NOT wearing an monkey’s head?” you say…) We’ve got dress-up sorted – and we can get as legit crazy as you like. And if you have a themed party, we can sort a specialised prop box for any occasion.

  • Social Media

    Touchscreen technology + Blue Steel event staff equals a party to end all parties. Watch your guests upload shots straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS or email. #Lol #Bestpartyever

  • GIFs

    Strike a pose. And make a move. With GIF capability you can capture all the pre-pout, pout and post-pout action in a piece-by-piece animated sequence. Share the images straight to social channels directly from the booth.

  • Party photo booths

    You’re throwing a party, you want your guests to a) have fun, and b) remember it, right? We offer party photo booths across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast. Hey, we’ve even been spotted in Sydney. Blue Steel offers party photo booths throughout Australia, so whether it’s your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) 30th, or your nan’s 100th, you can be sure that we have a photo booth to suit every breed of party animal. Speak to one of our friendly Happiness Managers (yup, that’s their real job title) today to talk through the options for you (and your nan).