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Social Media Photo Booth

Our social media photo booths and events are fully social media ready

Social media? We’re all over it. Our booths and events are prepped and primed to make your party go viral. Each booth can be kitted-out in the latest in touch-me-and-share-it-now touchscreen tech. Guests will go crazy for uploading images straight to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS and email. Plus, we collect each and every one of your guests’ emails, ready to provide you with a swank CSV report – containing all your sharing stats – after the event. It’s one of the easiest, most fun ways of getting your brand out there on the World Wide Web. Your event might be gone, but it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.



We collate guests’ data throughout the event and provide you with a bells-and-whistles CSV report with all your sharing stats. It’s the best way of getting your brand out and making sure your event won’t be forgotten. Like.


  • Social media photo booth

    Digital, social, shares, likes, impressions – it’s all we’re hearing nowadays. Social media booths just make sense. We live in a social and digital world, a world where content captured is quickly content shared. It’s one thing capturing images, but if the images are of poor quality, or capture your guests looking anything less than beautiful, quite simply, the share will not happen. With a social media photo booth at the heart and core of everything we do, you can be sure that Blue Steel can not only deliver on your social media briefs, but provide you with detailed reports and data that will allow you to keep your event alive, long after your guests have caught that last taxi home. We can advise on strategy, content, social sharing and channel management, competition deliveries, data analytics and reporting.

  • Gallery hosting

    Where your gallery is hosted is often a very key decision to make for your event. Want everyone to see what you’ve been up to? Then push the images up to our facebook page for all to see. Want to lock it down? Opt for a password-protected album with a link that only your guests, or those you choose to share it with, can see. Perhaps something a bit more personal? How about a branded microsite with custom URL’s, backgrounds and social and download links, complete with stats. Whatever your privacy requirements, we can advise and deliver the best solution.