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Jun 2016 Blog

Coors / Pedestrian Video Dance Booth

By Gavin Lawrence

Client: PEDESTRIAN GROUP                                  

Locations: Brisbane and Sydney

Videos shared: 250+

Impressions: 68,000+

Social media engagements: 6,300+

Every now and then you get the chance to go to a party or event that is truly “on brand” in every possible way. Whether we work at one or we’re the guests, we love it either way and these guys certainly hit a home run here.

The organisers of the double denim parties, Pedestrian, got in touch with Blue Steel and told us their plans for a few All-American themed Coors parties along the east coast of Australia. After a short chat, we both agreed that a video dance booth would be in order as it made sense to tie these parties in with the hilarious Coors #dothedamme created by VCCP.

As there would be unlimited Coors beers on offer, we figured the 600+ guests who where all dressed in double denim, would hit that booth harder than a Kobe slam dunk…and we weren’t wrong.

For both the Brisbane and Sydney parties, we used an open air booth, HD video camera, external lighting and mic and about 3m x 2m floor space. Each recorded video was branded with a Coors and Pedestrian TV overlay and the guests could watch their video on the iPads then post it straight to Facebook and Instagram. Props were what you’d expect at a college football match with pom-poms (most popular), massive foam hands, hats and footballs.

Like any dancing at parties, people are normally pretty shy at first and then as the night rolls on, the guests get their groove on. This was the case at these parties and as the Coors kept flowing, more and more people wanted to get a piece of the action. At one stage we shot a group of about 15 people in one video.

Looking around you couldn’t help but laugh as there was beer-pong, live music, DJs, cheerleaders, models, traditional American food and those red cups you see in college movies. We must congratulate the organisers for everything they achieved and inviting Blue Steel to help with entertainment.

In our Sydney studio this week, we had Sam Carlos on work experience. After beating our Innovations Dept on the ping pong table, the aspiring events student was asked to create something for our blog. He made the trailer. We laughed and hope you do too 🙂