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Hello. We’re Blue Steel.

And we do photo booths Sydney and Australia love.

Blue Steel won Best Photography Business at the 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Awards, to give you an idea of our quality and service. Enclosed or open-air, standard or custom built. Photos, GIFs or HD Video…we do booths you’ll want on your guest list, whatever celebration you’re planning in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay.

Photo booths have become a staple at parties and events all over Australia, and even the world for that matter. There’s is big difference between the normal photo and video booths you’ve seen, and ours though. Just checkout our testimonials page, including global brands, as backup to why you need Blue Steel at your event.

Brands can benefit from building photo booths into in-the-field marketing efforts to enhance brand awareness, user experience, visibility and social outreach. We track the spread of videos and page impressions for real time metrics of online brand exposure.

Blue Steel has been in on the action when we were metres from the track on Melbourne Cup day for Toyota, at the flagship ZARA stores in Sydney and Melbourne for Vogue Fashions Night Out, the Aussie Video Booth for Red Bull at Bondi and the weddings of NRL players Greg Bird and Ryan James. Oh, and John Singleton’s family to name(drop) a few. We’ve got some more celebrity parties lined up for 2018 too. Yay! Have a look at some of the amazing work we’ve done with our clients.

We recently saw a seismic shift to GIF booths Sydney and have supplied GIF booths to some of the biggest brands around Australia. The latest craze is mirror booths, which we’ve been doing for years. Another reason why Blue Steel is known for setting trends.

The quality of photo booths in Sydney has grown in leaps and bounds from the old school vintage passport booths you might remember at shopping centres. We at Blue Steel pride ourselves on supplying freakishly fun, high quality with the latest tech photo booths Melbourne and all up the east coast of this lucky country has seen.

Blue Steel photo booths are all decked out with the latest professional cameras, printers, touch screen computers, lighting and flashes. There are booths to match any theme or we can customize one especially for you.

We can go next level and convert our booths into an HD video recording mini studio so your guests can leave a 5 – 60 second activation clip to share across social media, or maybe a longer personal message at your private event that will put a tear in your eye for years, even generations to come. Choose from a photo or video only booth or easily combine them both with a push of a button. These are photo booths Brisbane and Australia love to have at bespoke events to mark milestones and have some fun in the process.

We’re your first call for weddings, parties and business bashes; make a splash and increase the brag-worthiness of your event.

Photo booths Gold Coast was our first Australian office and we haven’t stopped growing, so it’s safe to say that we’re here to stay. So why not take a look inside and give us a call. It could be the best call you make today.

Stop by our blog for a behind-the-scenes look at some of our photo booth weddings, corporate events and parties –as well as a few tips for choosing the right photo and video booth company, with more on the way!

  • Photo booths

    Photo booths have come a long way since the 1925 ‘Photomaton’ – the first ever automated photo booth created in Russia by Anatol Josepho.

    Gone are the grainy images of yesteryear (unless you want them that way of course), and in are the striking studio quality style images that you’d expect to be taken by a pro. All Blue Steel’s Booths are fitted with studio quality lighting and flashes – capturing a flawless look, even if you may have had one too many to drink. With standard, personalised, or even custom-built photo booths on offer, Blue Steel are the go-to photo booth company for your every need.

  • Video booths

    Photos are cool, but what if your guests want to leave you a personal message that isn’t static?

    A video booth hire from Blue Steel is the answer. Our photo booths can be standalone video, or photo and video combined at the touch of a button. Recording HD quality videos, using studio microphones so as not to miss that ‘I love you’, Blue Steel offer video booth rental across Australia. Whether it’s a 10 second activation clip to share across social media or something a little bit more in-depth that your aunty and unckle says at your wedding, Blue Steel are your go to option.

  • Gif photo booths

    What’s a GIF we hear you cry?

    Apparently it’s called a ‘graphic interchange format’, whatever that means.. We personally see it as an uber cool way to capture some pretty creative content! Each GIF photo booth hire is lovingly crafted and personally designed in house by our studio team. Whether you want an animated option (think moving components to the backdrop – bubbles, fireworks, cars??), or a simple clean finish, we can advise on best practice for your event. Why not share it straight from our in photo booths touchscreens for the ultimate ‘check me out’ brag? A GIF photo booth with social media plug ins allow for some pretty cool content creation at your event.